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The Business of Survival

The vision of the emerging hydrogen economy has set off a lot of euphoria and a frenzy of activities with people and organisations. Indeed, you can get carried away when you become aware of the endless technological possibilities that present themselves. Neither money nor technology will be too much of a problem. IRENA [the International Renewable Energy Agency], one of the oganisational heavyweights, lines out a rather cheerful future for the decarbonized energy world.

Still, IRENA may have got it all wrong: The headaches begin when you include politics, societies and people in the picture. Just look at the millions of talented young people in countries blessed with a potential for renewable energy. A host of questions arises – mostly unpleasant, tricky and messy – .

Highly probable that the hopes for a more peaceful and less confrontative world will be dashed. Political & social aspects will be even more important than before in the future energy transition.

Future energy systems,
with a focus on political and social aspects

With a background of more than 15 years work experience as a translator and information researcher for and in the renewable energy industry,
I am steeped in knowledge of both technologies and social & political issues of future markets of the global energy transition.

Professional Practice in
translating, teaching, social sciences

  • Specialist translations since 1998
  • Teaching practice of 30 years
  • HistSocPol knowledge acquired over decades (studies at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris)

Even for a historian, the future holds more inspiring power than the past.

Areas of activity

  • Issues of the global energy transition (ET)
  • ET & society

– Society, governance & ET
– France et Allemagne – TE et ET: cooperation or economic competition (link)

  • Technologies & markets of emerging energy system (a global perspective)

– Strategic research on behalf of innovative or repositioning companies
– International cooperation options

Recent activities

  • Education & Training: technologies and new learning

– Visual media: What does it imply for didactics if more and more teaching/ learning is shifted to visual media
– Being knowledgable in a number of areas helps to discover new opportunities faster

  • Information Research: multilingual information research (including languages beyond English & French)
  • Specialist (technical) translations

– all technologies of or related to the emerging hydrogen economy (the new wave)